Foreclosure Hotline Report

1/17/2022 8:38:55 PM


Please review the Frequently Asked Questions for the state where the property you are interested in purchasing is located by clicking on the appropriate link below. These documents answers many of the most common questions asked of our office by prospective bidders:

FAQ - Alabama

FAQ - Georgia

FAQ - Illinois

FAQ - Mississippi

To review information for the property you are interested in, you must have our file number as it is listed in the foreclosure advertisement. You will need to click your browser's "refresh" button each time you access this screen in order to see the most up to date information. This report is sorted by county (alphabetically), then numerically by our file number within each county. Scroll down through this report until you find the file you are interested in. If the file you are interested in is not listed on this report, then the property was likely not set for sale by this Law Firm at the time this data was last updated. That information,however, is subject to change.

Feel free to check this website as often as you wish, as it is updated every business day shortly after the first publication for the sale. While the prohibitions of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (as well as other legally mandated privacy restrictions) have led us to conclude that the information listed is all we can lawfully provide in this forum at this time, our goal is for the information to be as accurate as possible. Should you come across any obvious errors, please bring them to our attention so that we can insure that this website is providing the type of benefit to you that we intended and that you expect.

The opening bids below are accurate to the best of our knowledge. However, the bid displayed may not be the opening bid due to changes by the lender. Not all opening bids will be displayed prior to the sale because some bid information does not become available until the day of sale. If a bid is not displayed, then our office does not have it.

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